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bootleg recordings from the cutting edge of live music

"the english may not like music.. but they love the noise it makes.." - thomas beecham



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  1. The Ex - XOYO, London - 16-04-14

    Driven by their peerless riffing machine, the Ex’s encore from their XOYO show - Theme From Konono. Impossibly exciting and visceral.

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  2. Evan Parker 70th Birthday Celebration, King’s Place, 05-Apr-2014

    Evan Parker saxophones
    Phillipp Wachsmann, Alison Blunt, Sylvia Hallett, Dylan Bates violin
    Aleksander Kolkowski viola, stroh viola, wax cylinder recorder
    Benedict Taylor viola
    Hannah Marshall, Alice Eldridge, Marcio Mattos cello
    John Russell guitar
    John Edwards, David Leahy bass
    Adam Linson double bass
    Django Bates piano, peck horn
    Percy Pursglove trumpet
    John Rangecroft clarinet
    Neil Metcalfe flute

    With the help of some very special big-band guests, Evan Parker celebrated his 70th birthday – on the day – at Kings Place in London.

    Evan Parker has been playing sax since he was 14. Over his long, innovative and sometimes controversial career, he has collaborated and formed long-term associations with many jazz greats, explored the use of ‘noise’, experimented with home-made instruments, co-founded the ground-breaking and hugely influential Incus label, and embraced sound processing and electronica.

    He is perhaps most recognized as the creator of a new solo saxophone language, extending the techniques and experiments started by John Coltrane and Albert Ayler, taking them into the realm of abstraction. His use of circular breathing techniques to create extended, complex, overlapping, repetitive and beautiful soundscapes is generally seen as the apex of saxophone virtuosity.

    The first half of the concert was comprised of short trio and quartet performances, and the second half was an extended improvisation including all seventeen of the amazing musicians assembled. We present a short extract from this, and Parker’s encore, a short example of his breathtaking (circularly breathtaking) solo technique.

  3. Rhys Chatham in conversation with William Basinski at Cafe Oto, 19 March 2014

    Rhys Chatham and William Basinski in conversation at London’s Cafe Oto as part of Basinski’s Arcadia Festival. We’ve extracted a couple of choice moments in which Rhys Chatham talked about the importance of affordable space to the creation and nurture of artistic creation in a scene.

    "Society needs a place to go and dream."

    "Anywhere in the world, in order to have a great scene you need cheap rent, and you need  someone to write about the stuff that’s happening, and you need some kind of support - whether its the Medicis or the De Monoles or from state funding - you have those three things, you have the scene." 

    They concluded with a pleasant improvisation in which Rhys Chatham provided clarinets and vocals to Basinski’s looping pedals and gadgets.

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    Olwen Fouéré

    Olwen Fouéré, one of Ireland’s leading theatre-makers, performing her acclaimed new adaptation of the voice of the river in James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake

    Download (256kbps mp3 115mb)

  5. William Basinski & Michael Gira (St John at Hackney, 12 March 2014)

    The first night in a series of the Arcadia events curated by William Basinski, inspired by his nineties studio and performance space Arcadia:

    We present echoey bootlegs of Michael Gira performing an as-yet-unheard new Swans track, Basinski’s beautiful tape loops, and his entertaining response to a drunk heckler’s plea for vocals,

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    Wild Beasts
    Pregnant Pause (live at Oxford Academy 28 Nov 2013)
    the noise it makes

    Wild Beasts - Oxford O2 Academy - 28 November 2013 

    I feel a bit ‘hushed tones’ about Wild Beasts. So I’ll shut up. Listen to this, a bootleg of a new song from a forthcoming album. Has classic written all over it.


    And because it’s almost christmas, here’s the whole show as an mp3 (complete show, untreated wav > mp3 = 170mb)

  7. Pantha du Prince + The Bell Laboratory - 15-02-13 - Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

    She shouts out “I love you guys, you’re fucking amazing!” and perfectly captures the collective mood of the audience. Electronic music is not known for being particularly suited to the concert hall, but the six musicians had just given a mesmerising performance of “Elements of Light”, a de facto symphony for electronics, percussion and bell carillon, a three-tonne instrument comprising 50 bronze bells.

    They concluded the work by moving through the auditorium continuing to play hand-held bells, before disappearing. They returned to offer some reworked earlier Pantha du Prince material, ‘Lay In A Shimmer’ and ‘Satellite Snyper’, which we recorded and here present.

    To read about “Elements of Light” and The Bell Laboratory, this interview is fascinating:

    We didn’t bootleg the performance of Elements of Light, but you can buy the album here:

  8. Absolute Jest - John Adams conducts the LSO - 27-01-13 - Barbican


    John Adams conductor
    St Lawrence String Quartet
    London Symphony Orchestra

    The European premiere of John Adams’ Absolute Jest for String Quartet and Orchestra conducted by John Adams, and his introduction in which he discusses the piece’s borrowings from Beethoven, with illustrative fragments performed by the St Lawrence String Quartet.

  9. the noise it made 2012

    01 Random radio - Bilbao, Spain - 11 July
    02 That Fucking Tank - TFT - Windmill - 12 January
    03 Future Of The Left - Sheena is a t-shirt salesman - Bull & Gate - 16 October
    04 MA - Amersham Arms - 10 April
    05 Confucius MC with Shabaka Hutchings - Orwellian Outcast - Queen Elizabeth Hall Front Room - 28 April
    06 Thundercat - Daylight - Fabric - 16 May
    07 Rodriguez - I Wonder - Royal Festival Hall - 17 November
    08 Basque festival - St Sebastián, Spain - 14 July
    09 Zeni Geva - Alien Nation - Corsica Studios - 23 October
    10 Polar Bear - Rich Mix - 15 December
    11 John Surman & Bolsterstone Male Voice Choir - Ye Mariners All - Queen Elizabeth Hall - 18 November
    12 Random radio - Bilbao, Spain - 11 July
    13 Bilbao Syndrome - Bilbao VI (My Sharona) - Vortex - 19 July
    14 To Arms Etc - Workshy - The Wheelbarrow - 28 June
    15 Mazaika - Oliver’s Jazz Bar - 10 May
    16 Tall Ships - Vessels - Hotel Street - 07 June
    17 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Scala - 08 March
    18 Luke Fowler’s “A self divided” - Tate Britain - 30 November
    19 Savages - Festival No 6, Portmeirion - 16 September
    20 Three Trapped Tigers - Village Underground - 07 March
    21 Pipilotti Rist - Hayward Gallery - 08 January
    22 Radiohead - Lotus Flower - Bilbao BBK Festival, Bilbao, Spain - 13 July
    23 Tino Sehgal - Tate Modern Turbine Hall - 29 July
    24 Cock - Suffolk - 12 April
    25 trioVD - Tulisa - Vortex - 09 March
    26 Les Rauchen Verboten - Match & Fuse Festival - 16 June
    27 Kent DuChaine - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah - Tenby Blues Festival - 09 November
    28 Chloe’s 30th - Oliver’s Jazz Bar - 08 April
    29 Josienne Clarke - Silver Dagger - Servant’s Jazz Quarters - 25 January
    30 John Martin - Tate Britain - 14 January
    31 Random radio - Bilbao, Spain - 11 July

    all live bootleg and field recordings made using a zoom H4n

    downloadable zip containing separated mp3s: 


  10. 18-11-2012 - John Surman - Queen Elizabeth Hall, London - The Machine, Mother at the mill, Coal

    John Surman - Queen Elizabeth Hall (18-11-2012) by thenoiseitmakes1

    This second group of three pieces forms the backbone of John Surman’s commission for BBC Radio 3 and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, ‘Lifelines’.

    These pieces are concerned with the Industrial Revolution and the hope of the composer, working with the Bolsterstone Male Voice Choir, is situated in the heart of the land where the Industrial Revolution started.

    The river that ran down the hillside and turned the water wheel that powered the machines, turning, turning, changing people lives, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Once the machine began to roll life would never be the same.

    With the advent of steam and steam engines, then we needed coal, and this costly mineral was often paid for by the lives of men women and children who mined it.

    It was therefore important to Surman to explore the relationship between folk music in that area right back into that age.