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    03-08-2011 - trioVD - Purple Turtle, London UK

    Chris Sharkey - Electric Guitar
    Christophe de Bezenac - Alto Sax & Electronics
    Chris Bussey - Drums
    The most exciting band you’ve ever seen. Reinventing the trio format with a jazz vocabulary, trioVD make the most outrageous racket since Beefheart gave it up for painting in the desert and consequently died. Our favourite band from quite an amazing pool of Leeds bands, trioVD named themselves after the filename of their first recording together, which was on Valentine’s Day, hence trioVD. Nuthin kinky eh.
    And there we were at a metal night, and the sexiest band was not the metal sirens headlining, but the outsider riot-jazz outfit.  We thought that everyone would be heading for the tube, but the metal fraternity & sorority never sleep, and stayed absolutely riotous for trioVD.  The band responded with a blistering set, stylistically hard with jazz and nasty dance influences, largely gathered from their unreleased second album, which, it is fairly certain, will be on non-stop rotation in any house that demands their music exciting and visceral.  
    Cheapest download of their utterly essential first album can be found at:
    Further VDisdm at:
    BBCmusic profile: 
    BBCintroducing profile:
    Myspace profile:

    “great show in camden last night! insane, midweek crowd - we can’t wait to play there again! some stupid pics will most likely follow….”

    One of our correspondents records the following incident: “I didnt interview em but the chat was quite funneh, asked Sharkey how the “last” Ladyland gig went and his sax player (who is distinguished from the other Chris dudes by being named Christophe rather than Chris) asked “Oh yeah how did it go?” and he went “Yeah, all right”. And then they drove back to Leeds. Fucken legends.” (15 mins, 35mb)

    And because we care, you should hear some of the Vortex show from March 2011: (11 mins, 26mb) (6 mins, 14mb)

    In the evergreen spirit of random, we’ve been turned on to this setting of a youtube correspondent who has been set to trioVD’s music, check it out:

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